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Med Advice is a business growth consulting agency specialized in digital marketing for SMB Companies and Individuals in the Medical industry. We are here to provide the nessesary expertise, experience and tools needed to navigate the digital world in order to help our clients grow their portfolio and make the best out of what the internet has to offer to them and their patients. We believe that fresh ideas and hard work is the key to success and to those who share our passion we say “Come aboard and help us build a beautiful experience for you and your clients”.

01. Consult & Advize

It’s not always easy to know where to start. Sometimes all you need is a good idea and sometimes you just need a little push. Whatever the case we are here for you to come up with something new, or to help you plan your next steps to success.

02. Design & Develop

This awkward moment when you know exactly what you want but lack the resources. Whether it’s the people, the time, the tools or the expertise you can always count on us to provide anything you need to reach your goals.

03. Market & Promote

What’s a great product or a unique service if people just don’t know about it? We know how to best communicate the right message, to the right audience at the right time and we can make sure that your effort will not go wasted.

Our way is what defines us

We have a plan, a procedure and you are the most important element. In order to be of assistance we need to understand you, to learn from you and you need to learn from us. The only way to make something work is by working together, as a team.


We have lots of meetings… We think, we discuss and we drink looooots of coffes during this proccess. But we love it because we know it’s the only way to come up with the best ideas to make your business grow.



We ask you, we talk to your team, we reach to your patients and we observe your competition. It’s a difficult job but we need to be sure that we will understand your business perfectly before we start making plans.



Before the pen hit’s the paper! That’s our moto in terms of planning. We go through every detail we ‘ve learned and based on that we plan carefully every step with our eyes always focused at one point. Your business goals.


We talked, we listened, we searched and we studied. We worked hard for this day and now it’s time to build what we’ve planned.
It’s time to tell people a beautiful story. Your story!


Yes, you guessed it. Nothing is over yet. Not even close actually!
Now it’s time to observe, to follow, to measure and to optimize. Only to make sure that we are on the right track to meet your goals.


Success comes only when it’s measurable. That’s why everything we do is crystal clear. In order to make choises you need to see the big picture and we provide the tools to do just that.

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