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Med Advice is a business growth consulting agency located in Thessaloniki and specialized in SMB Companies and Individuals in the Medical industry. Our goal is to provide our clients with the nessesary expertise, experience and tools needed to navigate the digital world in order to help them grow their portfolio and make the best out of what the internet has to offer to them and their patients.

We started back in 2014 with a vision of a better and more productive medical industry in Greece. One baby step at a time we managed to build our company from the ground and despite the difficulties we are still here standing behind some of the most succesfull medical professionals in Thessaloniki.

You should know about us

Med Advice is a digital growth agency. Our job is to deliver the story of our client to the appropriate people. This means that what are not just designing or developing. It means that we need to do everything in our power to meet the goals specified by the client. Challenging hey?

We don’t think we can. We know we can. We are very commited in providing our customer exactly what we told them no matter the cost for us. We build strategic customized solutions and we are committed to the clients business goals.

We love what we do and we think of our job as the greatest one out there. We feel lucky to be able to spend our day doing a bunch of interesting stuff and at same time providing a better future for our clients.

We want our projects to be beautiful, we want them fast and we want them to be easy to use. But most importantly we want them to be productive. That’s why every decision needs to driven by data. We don’t make assumptions, We measure and analyze.

We expect from you

  • To have passion about what we do

  • To be professional in every aspect of your working life

  • To be creative and to want to express that through your projects

  • To be organized and able to work under pressure

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What to expect from a typical day in the office

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We are looking to enpower our team with one web designer who will focus in building new projects for our clients and manage the existing ones in terms of maintenance, seo, conversion optimization, content update etc. Applicants shoulb be up to 32 years old and have advanced knowledge and at least 1 year experience in web design.

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We are looking to employ a web designer who will focus in creating visual concepts to communicate our clients products & services and manage the existing projects both for digital and traditional marketing activities. Applicants shoulb be up to 32 years old and have advanced knowledge and at least 1 year experience in graphics design.

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Wanna join our team but there is no opening?

Finding the right people can be difficult. We are always searching for new members to share our passion for what we do. If you like what we do and you think your business profile meets our requirements please feel free to send us your cv and we promise to keep it until there is some job opening that fits your profile.

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